Konica Minolta bizhub 751, 601

Konica Minolta bizhub 751, 601

Konica Minolta Introducing the bizhub 751, 601 , with print speed of 75ppm and 60ppm (A4) black and white. MFPs designed as central MFPs in mid-to-large-size offices. Offering a combination of fast output, robust security and flexible networking, these powerful machines and its advance features will benefit offices in any line of business. Furthermore, the 360-degree design philosophy lets users place them anywhere that is convenient without sacrificing productivity or aesthetics.

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Compatible with cutting-edge technology such as IPv6, Gigabit Ethernet, USB memory, Direct Print of PDF and XPS.
Versatile scan-to functions including Scan to FTP, e-mail, SMB and the HDD Box.
Multi-method send allows users to send data in various different formats to multiple destinations with a single operation.
Printing and scanning from iPhone, iPad (PageScope Mobile)
Upgraded Box function for effective data management: Max. 1,000 Boxes, 3,000 documents and 1,000 files can be saved in the optional 60GB internal HDD.
8.5-inch-full-colour LCD control panel boasts a more intuitive user interface.
State-of-the-art Biometric Finger Vein Authentication and IC Card Authentication safeguard data in an open network environment.
Monochrome 75/60 ppm (A4) printing/copying speed (100% Duplex).
High-resolution output: 600 × 600 dpi for copy / 2400 equivalent × 600 dpi with smoothing for print. Polymerized Simitri toner offers exceptional image quality.
Up to 7,600 sheet (with optional unit added) paper capacity.
An array of finishing options including hole-punch, stapling, folding and booklet making.
The environmentally friendly bizhub 751, 601 are compliant with the Energy Star Program and Blue Angel guidelines.
A Wide Range of Cutting-edge Technology
The bizhub 751, 601 come equipped with a number of new features and technologies to improve operability and ease-of-use. These include compatibility with the next-generation IPv6 network protocol, high-speed gigabit Ethernet, the Direct Print function (Windows only).

For quick and easy printing of PDF and XPS files and optional state-of-the-art biometric / IC card user authentication. Furthermore, an 8.5-inch full-colour LCD control panel with an intuitive interface makes it easier for users to navigate through the many useful functions that the bizhub 751, 601 offer.

Greater Communication Flexibility
bizhub 751/601 offer an impressive scanning speed of 75opm (A4, 600dpi). And once documents are scanned, the data can move directly to network PCs, public or private folders on the HDD. They can move one at a time or to multiple destinations in different formats. Multi-method send allows users to do all of this with a single operation.

In terms of network sharing, the 60GB HDD contains 1,000 Boxes. each with a storage capacity of up to 3,000 documents or 10,000 files, In addition to conventional fax functionality, IP and Internet fax as well as PC fax are also available. These methods cut costs by taking advantage of users’ network infrastructure.

High-speed, High-quality Document Output
High-speed, 75ppm (bizhub 751) / 60ppm (bizhub 601), A4-size output, copy resolution of 600dpi × 600dpi, digital smoothing for 2,400dpi equivalent × 600dpi print resolution and exceptional image quality with polymerise Simitri toner make the bizhub 751 and bizhub 601 the centrepiece of office productivity. Models offer a standard paper capacity of 3,600 sheets (A6-A3, 50-200g/m2) (extend up to 7,600 ) sheets. Toner and paper can be replaced during output to reduce downtime.

Keep Your Important Information Secure
Keeping data safe without restricting access to authorised users is essential to keeping offices running safely and at peak efficiency. Optional Biometric Finger Vein and IC card authentication are used together with external authentication servers such as Active Directory, simplifying user management in large-scale offices.

Besides authorisation, data is protected by features such as HDD data encryption, HDD password lock and random erase formatting. Additionally, SSL, S/MIME, and PDF encryption protects data while sending, ensuring safer data handling and preventing unauthorise use.

Environmental Considerations
bizhub 751, 601 are compliant with the strict International Energy Star Program and Blue Angel guidelines. They are also compliant with RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) and WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) standards. Moreover, measures to conserve energy and reduce emissions reduce the environmental footprint of bizhub products during every stage of their lifecycle.

Design and Usability
A large 8.5-inch touch panel with 800 × 480 full colour display leads users to their desire functions more easily. It is also much more intuitive to navigate to files and preview before printing, making document retrieval simple. The panel also features an enlarge text mode and also set to the height and angle that best suits each user in the office.

Toner and paper trays are easily accessable from the front with either an overhand or underhand grip from any position, high or low. Furthermore, documents stand out clearly against the high contrast colour scheme to help reduce forgotten retrieval. And with a compact footprint of 886mm × 859mm × 1,140mm (W × D × H), they add style and functionality to offices of any size.