4-Port PCI Serial Card

4-Port PCI Serial Card

The 4-port PCI Serial card turns an available PCI slot into four RS232 serial ports. A cost-effective solution for connecting any new or old serial peripheral. With support for data transfer rates of up to 115Kbps.

The PCI Serial card is a perfect solution for connecting serial modems. POS devices, PDAs, digital cameras, printers, ISDN terminal adapters and more to your system without having to upgrade your peripheral devices for compatibility with newer standards (e.g. USB).

Saving time and hassle, the Serial PCI card is plug-and-play ready, and install in minutes. It supporting Windows® 7, Server 2008 R2, Vista, XP, ME, 2000, 98, 95, NT4, 3.1, DOS® and Linux® operating systems. Plus the serial card offers IRQ sharing to help ensure stability and consistent performance, guaranteeing convenient, hassle-free connections.

Based on a native single-chip design, this 4-port serial adapter card allows you to harness the full capability offer by PCI Express (PCIe). While reducing the load apply to the CPU by as much as 48% over conventional bridge-chip serial cards.

The RS232 Serial Adapter Card includes 4 half-height/low-profile brackets, allowing the card to install into almost any PC case, regardless of form factor.

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