Ricoh Priport JP750

Ricoh Priport JP750

It’s never been easier to enjoy fast, affordable digital printing. With the Ricoh Priport JP750 you can benefit from clean, clear prints produced automatically on one single unit, which can also add (spot) colour. Connecting it directly to any standard PC makes it even easier to use. Prints are delivered in seconds; much faster than with non-digital duplication.

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  • Type: Desktop
  • Printing process: Fully automatic one drum stencil system
  • Originals: Sheets (One original sheet only)
  • Original size: Max. 275 mm x 395 mm Min. 90 mm x 140 mm
  • Print Paper Size: Max. 275 x 395 mm Min. 90 x 140 mm
  • Print Paper Weight: 35.0 to 127.9 g/m2
  • Print Area: 250 x 355 mm (B4 drum)
  • Printing Speed: 60/90 sheets/minute
  • First Print Time: 45 seconds
  • Pixel Density: 300 x 300dpi
  • Image Modes: Letter mode, Photo mode
  • Reproduction Ratios: 100% 4 Reductions: 71, 82, 87, 93% 3 Enlargements: 115, 122, 141%
  • Colour Printing: By replacing colour drum
  • Paper Feed Table Capacity: 500 sheets (80g/m2 )
  • Paper Delivery Table Capacity: 500 sheets (80g/m2 )
  • Master Roll Capacity: 50 m 100 masters / roll (B4)
  • Power Source: 220-240V, 50/60 Hz
  • Power Consumption: Max. 175W
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): Set up: 1232 x 663 x 519mm Stored: 582 x 663 x 519mm
  • Weight: 54kg

Added Value Features

  • Colour Drum Change
  • Auto Cycle
  • Combine two originals
  • Auto Background Correction
  • PC Connectivity (option)


  • PRIPORT™ Printer Controller ZipRip UC5/UC5e
  • PRIPORT™ Colour Drum Type JP-7(M) B4
  • Interface Kit Type 10 Consumables
  • Master: JP-7M (JP750)
  • Black ink: JP-7 (JP750)
  • Colour inks: JP-6 Series
  • CM inks available


Connect Directly to your PC
Ricoh offers PC connectivity! The Ricoh Priport JP750 produces duplicates directly from your PC. Master making and printing are combined in one fully automated system. Apart from pressing ‘start’ and placing the paper stock no operator involvement is required. All of which means you save valuable time while maximizing the quality of your prints.

Easy Replacement of Consumables
Master rolls, inks, colours and paper can all be changed quickly and easily, providing clean, fast and straightforward operation.

Simple Operation for Quick Results
Enjoy fast and simple control of all your print jobs with the Ricoh Priport JP750. The user-friendly LED operation panel gives you instant access to all menu functions, from making masters to printing. The logically located function keysand an easy-to-understand menu system make any job an easy job.

From B&W to Spot Color in One Easy Step
Changing colour drums is done in a minute. Which means that making flyers or printing spot colours has never been easier.

Durability, Reliability, Confidence
The Ricoh Priport JP750 is designed to give you high quality prints time after time. With reliability as standard, now you can enjoy fast results at an affordable price.