Ricoh Aficio 1035, 1045

Ricoh Aficio 1035, 1045

With the Ricoh Aficio 1035, 1045 Ricoh presents a new generation of Aficio office solutions. These are more than multi-functional products. They function as document managers at the centre of your department, streamlining the network document flow. A variety of applications become available to their users With the Ricoh Aficio 1035, 1045 as the central hub of your department, all your workgroup’s copy / print / scanner/ fax data can be stored, managed and distributed efficiently

In the office, extra storage space is expensive and not readily available. Filing cabinets are usually bursting with documents, making it virtually impossible to locate specific information. Consider the increase in workflow efficiency if information was digitally available and ready to be printed out from one central location! With the Ricoh Aficio 1035, 1045 this becomes a reality

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35/45 pages per minute (1035/1045)
Main Functions: Copier/Document Server
Scanning Element: Flatbed with moving CCD array image-sensor
Printing Process: Twin laser beam scanning & electro-photographic printing
Option: Printer/Scanner/Fax
Resolution: 600 dpi
First Copy Speed: Aficio 1035/1045: 4.5/3.6 seconds
Continuous Copy Speed: Aficio 1035/1045: 35/45 cpm
2 x 500-sheets tray 50-sheets Bypass tray
500-sheets internal tray, with 250-sheets bridge unit
NIB (Option): Ethernet (100 base TX/10 base T)
IEEE1394 (Option): 2 ports, 6 pins
Warm-up Time: Aficio 1035/1045: 15/20 seconds
RAM: Standard: 32 MB Option: 32 MB
HDD: 10 GB
and many more useful features…
One-click Printing

The Ricoh Aficio 1035, 1045 supports Ricoh’s own new-generation printing language, RPCS (Refined Printing Command Stream). As RPCS is icon-based, any print job is only a click away. Users can save different printer settings for different jobs and store them under a usercreated icon. They will no longer avoid using duplexing, stapling, punching and other features, and effortlessly generate more professional looking document

Easy-to-manage All-in-one Solution

The Ricoh Aficio 1035, 1045 is much more than a digital copier. Easily expandable with a powerful Fax, Printer and Printer/Scanner module, it features as the central document output hub in your department. The Ricoh Aficio 1035, 1045 is cost-efficient, space-saving and extremely easy to manage

Record Warm-up/ Recovery Time

When you’re preparing for a meeting and all is going according to schedule, your copier should be instantly available for those few copies you still need to make. Equipped with the new Ricoh original QSU technology, the Ricoh Aficio 1035, 1045 practically eliminates this problem. The Aficio 1035 features a record warm-up time from power up of only 15 seconds (20 seconds, Aficio 1045). Recovery time from Energy Saver mode is also fast at under 10 seconds (15 seconds, Aficio 1045). With this energy-saving technology you have instant productivity at your fingertips. With a copy/print speed of 35/45 cpm the system staples, punches, and even prints in duplex mode at almost the same continuous speed. All the more reason to use these advanced functions! Combining top speed with an impressive paper capacity of 3,550 sheets, the Ricoh Aficio 1035, 1045 always delivers output on time.

Optimised Fax Traffic

Smooth-running fax traffic in competitive business environments is often hard to implement. Yet, with a modem speed of 33.6 kbps and fast transmission of 3 seconds, the Ricoh Aficio 1035, 1045 fax module turns faxing into a speedy and efficient business activity. In addition to the standard G3 connection, it can be easily upgraded and boasts a time-saving LAN-fax option, all of which make the Aficio 1035/ 1045 more than suitable for heavy fax traffic

User-friendly Large Touch Screen

To make operation as straightforward as possible, the Ricoh Aficio 1035, 1045 is equipped with a large Touch Screen LCD. Its keys are logically arranged while almost all settings can be made from the first screen of the LCD.