Ricoh Aficio MP4500, MP3500

Ricoh Aficio MP4500, MP3500

State-of-the-art Productive Document Processors

You need efficient, reliable office systems that put busy workgroups in control of an ever-increasing volume of documents correspondence, financial reports, contracts and presentations.

We Offering exceptional performance to meet these demands, the versatile Ricoh Aficio MP4500, MP3500 digital systems support advanced network printing, scanning and faxing in one compact platform. And our industry-leading security technology protects your vital business information at every stage

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  • 45/35 pages per minute (MP4500/MP3500)
  • ADF (Automatic Document Feeder)
  • Duplex
  • One 100 sheet Bypass tray
  • Two/Four 500 sheet paper cassettes
  • Network Printer
  • Network Scanner
  • Scan to Folder, FTP, Email
  • and many more useful features…


Productivity, Security and Efficiency for Any Office Environment,

How smooth would your office workflow run if you could use a central office system taking care of all document production and management?

Designed to do exactly this, the Ricoh Aficio MP4500, MP3500 make sure you save time, money and space. Opening up new possibilities for enhanced communication, paper- and server-less faxing and professional output finishing are but a few of their impressive capabilities. Their network connectivity is flexible, their document management and web based device monitoring impressive. And of course these user friendly multifunctional devices include superb print, copy, fax and scan functionality as well!

The Ricoh Aficio MP4500, MP3500 are all-round office solutions that will keep you in front for years to come.

• Maximum productivity with top output speeds of 45/35 ppm

• User friendly operation via large LCD touch screen

• Variety of available printer configurations and complete customisation possibilities

• Range of finishing options at your disposal

• State-of-the-art printing and security

High Performance Document Handling
To meet your demands, now and in the future, upgradeable office equipment is essential. The Ricoh Aficio MP4500, MP3500 have it all. They are fully customisable and offer a variety of new, exciting benefits. With a multifunctional device that not only incorporates advanced functionalities but also provides the distribution possibilities and security you require, you have it all at your fingertips. The Ricoh Aficio MP4500, MP3500 make perfect business sense.

Unique and Custom Made
Whether you work in a small workgroup or larger office environment, your needs with regards to office equipment are diverse yet precise. At Ricoh, we simply build a customised system around your workflow to suit your exact document processing needs. Various printer configurations are available for lower as well as higher print volumes. Should you require extra functionality at a certain point, capabilities can easily be added. A printer/scanner unit, a fax module, finishers, extra paper trays, software packages… basically anything is possible.

Advanced Printing
How easy would it be if you could be assured that when you print confidential documents, they stay secret? Locked Print™ makes sure the machine keeps your document until you release it with your password. To avoid prints being left on the tray and eliminate paper waste, the Hold Print function is very helpful. Should you choose the systems’ Adobe PostScript 3 option, you obtain PDF Direct Print, a handy tool to reduce network traffic and increase total productivity.

Handy Workflow Tools
First of all, to be able to handle your document workflow professionally, several document management utilities are available. Such as, you can store frequently used copy, print, fax and scan documents on the machine’s document server for re-use. Using DeskTopBinder Lite, you can merge documents of different formats into one file and view, print and re-distribute it all digitally.

Efficient Document Distribution
For a well-structured document workflow, distribution tools have become necessary. If you need to send digitised files, ‘scan to e-mail’ is available. Should you need to send large files, you can do so via ‘scan to folder’ and send up to 2 GB. As third option, ‘scan to URL’ allows you, as receiver, to check the e-mail and decide whether and when to download the file. This prevents a huge e-mail inbox and offers the opportunity to download files at a later time.

Safeguard Access and Information
As office products have turned into advanced network devices, security threats have become a major concern. TheRicoh Aficio MP4500, MP3500 offer Windows authentication which allows a user with access to the regular network, to also access the MFP. Also, other authentication methods have been developed to suit any network environment. To safeguard the data on the Hard Disk Drive, a Data Overwrite Security function is applicable. This unit ensures the hidden temporary data is overwritten with random data after completion of a job.

Moreover, the Aficio MP4500 can hold print jobs you send during the day together with their settings. You simply release them on the device at a convenient time. As a ‘virtual mailbox’, this function prevents mixed-up output and keeps your prints confidential. Furthermore, prevent a huge e-mail inbox and enjoy the opportunity to download files at a later time: ‘scan to URL’ allows you, as receiver, to check the e-mail and decide whether and when to download the file. Also, continuous Operation Large print or copy jobs are easily taken care of by the systems’ impressive maximum paper capacity of 3,550 sheets.