Document Scanning Services

Document Scanning Services

Nowadays businessmen strives for efficiency and mobility because the world around is mobile and fast. Moreover, to share documents instantly and have them ready on the go with ease of access is what every businessman dreams of. Unfortunately, such solutions require your data in electronic format to be instantly shared and fortunately we have just the right solution. The document scanning Services.

We at HBS provide backfiling conversion and data archiving services that turn your documents on paper and other media into electronic format using high speed document scanners with total confidentiality guaranteed. Also click here to read more about what is back file conversion.

We use special organizing flowcharts for logging, tagging and treeing the given data that is according to your demands and requirements.

We provide everything!

Start-to-finish planning and real-world, no nonsense advice

Dedicated, highly experienced project managers and consultants with deep real-world experience
All required manpower for document delivery, document preparation, scanning, indexing, quality control
All scanners and related hardware and software
Document storage
Imaging and Content Management solutions for storing your images
Free your organization from the constraints and bottlenecks associated with paper-based processing, improve your overall business agility, reduce costs, and protect your information in the event of a disaster.

Who can benefit from back file conversions?
First of all, a back file conversion is the process of scanning all of your paper documents to digital images. Many companies rely on files and records to keep operations moving. Enterprises, such as government organizations, education systems and healthcare providers are a few examples that can benefit from back file conversion. Businesses large and small need to retain employee records. Many other enterprises must keep records for clients or patients. These files build up over time and legal or internal requirements often prevent businesses from getting rid of them. Employees devote significant time and energy locating these often hard-to-find documents and re-filing them.

Since paper-based systems are subject to human error, these documents can get lost or misplaced. Even the most organized analog filing system is time consuming to look through. And the costs of storage, making photocopies and faxes can add up.

Your employees’ time can be more effectively and efficiently used elsewhere. Moreover, when organizations digitize their paper records, operations become much smoother. Any enterprise that works with countless records can reap significant benefits from investing in a back file conversion.

Back file conversion reduces the paper and carbon footprint
Our services enable organizations to convert paper files and records into digital formats that are stored in a document management system. Once this is accomplished, these files are fully text searchable and organized using indexing and metadata. This means, first of all staff members will no longer spend wasted hours searching for records that can’t be found. Instead of chasing paper around the office, employees can do a keyword search to find the correct file.

Secondly, since the filing system is stored in the cloud or on a central hard drive, workers can access them from any computer terminal. Also when workers don’t have to travel to the storage facility and sort through a filing system, they can devote their time to tasks that are more productive to their businesses.

How back file conversion works
We produce back file conversions by using industry-leading scanning equipment. This enable us to perform document imaging with optical character recognition (OCR) and intelligent character recognition (ICR). These methods ensure that all newly digitized documents are optimized for full-text searchability. Moreover, we set up indexing, classification and redaction capabilities to make sure the new system is organized and easy to use. Furthermore, the back file conversion can take place on or off-site at the convenience of the client. Since different businesses have unique needs, we work with individual organizations to create a document management system that is uniquely designed for their business processes.