Ricoh DD 5450 A3

High-quality digital duplication The DD 5450 A3 digital duplicator is a robust mid-range model offering excellent performance at an affordable cost. Running at a fast print speed of up to 130 cpm, and offering high-quality image duplication, the DD 5450 is equip with a user-friendly operation panel, an integrated network controller, Remote capabilities, and innovative features to ensure smooth paper transfer. It is particularly suitable for educational institutions, government offices and NGOs.

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Ricoh Priport DX 3240, DX 3440

Organisations operating in sectors such as education, government and non-profit are facing a common commercial challenge. They need to answer the need for high speed print production at a low, controllable cost. Using digital technology, the Ricoh Priport DX 3240, DX 3440 duplicators from Ricoh have been specifically designed to produce high quality document output. The DX 3240/DX 3440 will add flexibility to your document production with versatile paper handling to fulfil a variety of single sheet output requirements. More … readmore

Ricoh Priport JP750

It’s never been easier to enjoy fast, affordable digital printing. With the Ricoh Priport JP750 you can benefit from clean, clear prints produced automatically on one single unit, which can also add (spot) colour. Connecting it directly to any standard PC makes it even easier to use. Prints are delivered in seconds; much faster than with non-digital duplication.

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  • Type: Desktop
  • Printing process: Fully automatic one drum stencil system
  • Originals: